What I do

Juilette Mitchell

Talking and writing about your ideas is almost as important as having ideas in the first place. It’s the way to get people interested, to communicate your energy and vision, and to get them on board. You’ll get more clients, and – even better – they’ll understand you.

But sometimes the writing part takes all the joy out of an idea and leaves it looking flat and stale.

I work with architects and designers, helping them communicate. I’m not an architect, but I’m a writer who’s passionate about architecture. And I’m a firm believer in the power of words to change people’s minds and make things happen. So:

  • I’ll identify your key messages.
  • I’ll draw out the stories that will bring what you do (and your brand) to life.
  • I’ll find words to draw people in.
  • I’ll help you to make an impact.

It’s about capturing and conveying the beauty, complexity and subtlety of what you do, perhaps by taking the bare bones of a project and turning them into something simple and elegant. Or by taking something already on paper and breathing life into it (and jargon out of it).

Investing in the way you communicate is one of the most worthwhile things you can do. I’d love to help you do it.