How not to kick off your practice profile

22nd Jun 2018

Here is another of my occasional emails in which I try and take the mystery and hard work out of […]

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110 architects and me at the RIBA

14th Jun 2018

I’ve run many workshops in my time, but I’ve never run one for 110 people, let alone 110 architects, which […]

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Another good reason to write about what you do

15th May 2018

A few weeks ago I was invited by the RIBA to contribute some thoughts for an article on communicating effectively. […]

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How to write a better website bio

18th Apr 2018

Heads up: I send out occasional emails with writing tips and other tricks of my trade, and this quick-fire guide […]

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A blog for Archiboo

7th Feb 2018

I’ve been a fan of Archiboo ever since becoming involved in the business of architecture, and I was one of […]

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Top 10 Conversations around Architecture 2017

20th Dec 2017

Here, in the reductive spirit of the end of the year, are my top 10 ‘conversations around architecture’ of 2017. […]

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Driving fast and writing badly

6th Nov 2017

Words are important: they change minds, they make things happen, and they bring what’s on the inside onto the outside. […]

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Writing for your website

21st Sep 2017

Blank pages – or blank documents on your screen – are all depressingly similar. Whether your particular blank page is […]

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How to write (the simple version)

19th Jul 2017

Words can be tough: strangely tough for people who call themselves writers and weigh up each and every one, but […]

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Judging the Archiboo Web Awards

15th Jun 2017

I’m delighted to be joining the beat of my own drum to that of Archiboo. For me, the last few […]

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