Writing is hard. I can help.

Sometimes ideas need to be bounced around. Sometimes we’re so close to what we’re writing that we lose sight of the things that matter. And sometimes we just need someone else to set the pace and the deadlines.

You might be overhauling your website content, writing a whole new set of words, or squeezing everything about a complex, long-term project into 200 words. You might have been putting it off for the last three years or you might have been working hard but getting nowhere. Wherever you’re at and whatever the problem, I could work with you – as your sounding board, editor and coach.

What they say…

We’d never quite managed to get the essence of our practice down on paper but, thanks to Juliette, we now have a practice profile that chimes perfectly with how we’d always talked about the practice. We immediately related to the way she wrote about our idealism, our purpose, and our drive and determination. It was so refreshing to have someone else put our thoughts into words – and the words are so much better than those we could have come up with.

Thomas Bryans, IF_DO

We can design and we can draw, but our writing just doesn’t do justice to our work. We knew we needed expert help. Working with Juliette has helped us clearly communicate our values and passions, but – more than that – it became a flexible, creative process where we took a long and good look at our body of work, and at ourselves, and arrived at the core of why we practise architecture.

Siri Zanelli, Collective Works

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