You can leave the words to me.

I don’t usually call myself a copywriter (it’s a rather one-dimensional word for a process that involves digging deep and aiming high) but it can be a useful shortcut. What I mean is, ‘I’ll take care of putting all these important things into words’.

The words on your website are just as important as the images, and I do like being part of the conversation from an early stage. But if you and your website designer have already nailed the design, don’t worry – I’ll fill in the blanks.

What they say…

We’d never quite managed to get the essence of our practice down on paper but, thanks to Juliette, we now have a practice profile that chimes perfectly with how we’d always talked about the practice. We immediately related to the way she wrote about our idealism, our purpose, and our drive and determination. It was so refreshing to have someone else put our thoughts into words – and the words are so much better than those we could have come up with.

Thomas Bryans, IF_DO

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