Is something missing?

Have you spent a lot of time and money thinking about your visual brand and how you photograph your projects? But is something still missing? Could it be your voice?

We all fall into the same old ways of thinking and expressing what we do. But this last year has been, for many of us, a chance to reflect on where it all began and where it’s all going.

Sitting around the table – or, for now, on Zoom – with me gives you a chance to get back to what really matters. I’ll challenge you and get you thinking differently. We’ll work together to articulate your purpose, your ‘why’, and then find the right way of telling your story.

What they say…

Juliette has been a real inspiration. She has been a key part of our rebrand team tasked with helping our studio find a voice, one which represents our unique character and way of working. Juliette held a mirror to us and found the tone we were looking for and, just as importantly, worked with our team of geeky architects to help them understand how to talk to the outside world. Thanks to Juliette we can now spread the word.

Carl Turner, Turner Works

It was an hour of revelations!

Sophie Griffiths, Campbell & Co Architects

The workshop was so inspiring. I had struggled to find my voice in my writing, and Juliette helped us break through the difficulty of starting with a blank page and find a friendly and approachable – but still professional – tone.

Christian Gonsalves, MIX Architects

I brought Juliette on board to help me find the words to properly describe who I am and what I do. She gave me a simple and straightforward structure, and made me want to really look and understand why I do the work I do, as well as giving me enthusiasm, ambition and confidence to update the words I use and change the way I think about my work.

Sam Tisdall, Sam Tisdall Architects

At a pivotal moment for our practice, Juliette helped us define who we are and map out the content for our new website. She pushed us beyond our comfort zones, got us thinking, talking and writing, and gave us fresh ways of approaching the different pages of our website. The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable and useful.

Simon Drayson, George and James Architects

Thank you so much for our workshop. I found it extremely enlightening, and you have really helped me start to think about writing from a different perspective. I am very excited about the process from here…

Fred Guttfield, Guttfield Architecture

I really enjoyed your workshop. The distillation of a project into a story is actually a really good blueprint for considering how our projects should be conceived in the first place. If we can ensure everyone approaches our projects with this in mind from the very start our work will only get better. It’s basically an excellent approach to design and not just the writing!

Rhys Cannon, Gruff Architects

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